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We have some good news for fans of road safety. The clever boffins at Jaguar and Land Rover have been working on a rather quirky concept. They are designing and implementing a new virtual windscreen which should take some of the stress out of driving through city streets and make our roads safer at the same time.

This innovative technology will provide the driver with a wealth of information whilst helping them to keep their eyes and their mind fully focused on the road. Dubbed the 3600 virtual urban windscreen, this unique heads-up display is going to revolutionise the way we make journeys in the future, smart technology could be a vital road safety tool.  

What are the advantages of the 3600 Virtual Urban Windscreen?

The smart screen technology of Jaguar’s new HUD incorporates some truly amazing features. We outline them very briefly to give you a better understanding of what drivers can expect from the futuristic system.    

Screens embedded in car pillars

Drive through a bustling city centre and there are numerous hazards you have to avoid. Cyclists riding next to your car, pedestrians stepping off pavements and other vehicles suddenly appearing from blind spots are just some of the dangers you try to avoid.

Jag’s new display system will alert drivers to these hazards. Red warnings flag up on the screen as drivers are given instant notifications of people stepping into their path. With this system you are immediately aware of any impending dangers.     

Follow me ghost car navigation

How many times have you used a sat-nav and missed a turning because the instruction given was sent a little too late? More worryingly, how many times do you find yourself staring at the display on a satellite navigation system trying to work out where you are going next without paying much attention to the road ahead? 

This is when accidents happen but the heads-up display by Jaguar will eliminate this problem. It shows the driver a ‘ghost car’ displayed on the road ahead with simple ‘follow me’ instructions meaning you never take your eyes off the road. All you do is follow the projected vehicle on the windscreen and it leads you where you want to go. It’s safe, it makes route finding easier and it looks very simple to use.  


Wow is all we can say at Benchmark. This a glimpse into the future of road travel and you never know; this type of technology could be fitted to all cars and vans in years to come.


Now there’s a thought!  

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